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Working on my continuing education units….

It feels good to create this list. Have you ever felt lost in your carrer or lost in your present life? 

Perhaps making a list will make you feel in control …  

I’ve felt lost lately, uncertain of my future.  I’m blessed with my accomplishments but I’m feeling burned out. I’m feeling mentally exchusted and physically exhausted.  I love my work but I still feel like there is more than just paperwork ..sitting at computer desk trying to meet a quota. Yes, I’m feeling rigid at work and I want more freedom. 

Back to my list… I made the time and effort to make this list to keep me focused. I’m in the process of keeping a list of credits which I need to keep track of in order to renew my licence. 

And of course I’m working on my clinical licience … 

P.s. 3 months left until the year ends… I’m working hard on getting stable and self-care 

Ocd habit of mine…making lists to feel productive #goaloriented
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Crunch time

 Its crunch time until the end of the year. October is almost done and the next two months are always the same exact  holidays. Last year, my holiday was bitter sweet. I never enjoyed the holidays so when my clients tell me they also feel indifferent about holidays and they feel bad about it because everyone else has family to celebrate with or — I reassure them it is OKAY to feel that way.  Holidays can also be a trigger  for some of my clients. I gradually feel it coming with stores selling Halloween, Thankgiving, and Christmas items. At this point in my life time I use holidays to crunch on my goals for the next year. Keep pushing. 

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Reflecting 1yr of my work & personal growth 

Within the past  year I can confidently say I am proud of myself for the risks and challenges I’ve taken. 

Here is a quick short list of those risks and challenges: 


  •  moving to a new state (over 1000 miles away from home)
  • Moving on my own — living on my own in a apartment 
  • 11 months later deciding to buy a home uncertain of my future because at the time I still wasn’t licenced 
  • Risked driving alone to places and teaching myself how to drive in the highway 

  • Challenges
  • interact with coworkers in a personal level 
  • Challenged myself working with borderline personality disorders,  work with male clients dealing with anger , work with marriage counseling , work with children processing trauma and their parents, and challenged myself working with non complaint clients — no one in my team wanted to take them bacm because they new their history of being non complaint with therapy 
  • Challenged myslef to do meditation/yoga/ mindfulness training 
  • Challenged myself to remind my mother of respecting boundaries (on going)

I also want to mention my strengths gained. 

  • Building and establishing therapeutic relationship with new and non complaint clients 
  • Feeling more comfortable doing hospital follow ups

My struggles….. 

  • Not completing paperwork as recommended 
  • Not meeting 100hrs of face to face therapy 

Development & personal goals

  • Be certified in children trauma
  • Be certified in addictions and substance abuse 
  • First time psychosis with the youth especially for Spanish speaking families 
  • Continue to improve my expertise in emergency screening 

As you can read I have grown within the last year. I have lost clients literally and also closed cases that made me wonder what happened to them. There has bee  changes in terms of our paperwork and changes in the agency- – coworkers leaving.  Still heartbroken to say good-bye.

What I take away from this year is admiring my clients stories and acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses. Some people that I work with just need that one person to really listen to  them and tell them they are stronger than what they give themselves credit for. I sometimes wish they can write their story for someone else to read that might be dealing with something similar and can help them too. Most clients are not willing to expose the truth. 

I also see the need in the community for instance a lack transportation and lack of services. The domestic shelters is poorly managed. There are no services for the Hispanic community either because they do not have insurance or these are no Spanish speaking therapist in the county. There is much work to be done …. 

In case you wondering what  kind of people I work with….

…. everything you can imagine — I deal with : anger,  depression, anxiety, abuse, substance abuse, grief,  divorces,  people who have attempted self harm, criminals…. I work with all ages — the youngest I have is a 9yr old and oldest client is in their mid 60’s ….. 

I feel more comfortable doing my work but I still struggle with my sleep and getting work done. 

I wonder how much more I will grown within the next year.  

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Next year goals 2019 

Here are 4 goals to meet within the next year:

  • Meet 100hrs of face to face clinical hours each month  (at least 90% or higher)
  • Complete all paperwork within the time frame expexted 
  • Increase emergency services during office hours and afterhours 
  • Certify in Family & children trauma cognitive behavior therapy 

The first three are required to continue my work at my agency. The last goal I suggested it to my supervisor because it would be useful to have as I build my own expertise.