Self Care 101

I strongly believe in self -care. I didn’t noticed I had an issue with self care until my mentor pointed out that I must also take care of myself in order to care for others effectively. In my field especially, working with high levels of stress, can lead to burn out, very quickly. I felt burned out the first 11 months in my job. I think it was because I didn’t have time to process moving into a new area and picking up a caseload of 80 something clients. I can also be a perfectionist and be stubborn. I am the type of person to say “I’m fine, I can come back to myself later. I continue to practice, saying “no” to commitments that do not benefit restoring my energy , setting boundaries,  and seriously taking the time to enjoy “me time.”  I stumbled across this article and want to share this with whoever is interested in self care article/books: self care A-Z article


Checking- In

Quick update about my previous post:

CAREER:  I had plans of leaving the agency, but I have more thinking to do before I take that risk again.  Second, I will be renewing my LMSW next summer coming up 2019! Third, still adjusting to the new changes in our office. I have been doing yoga recently and that has helped with some of my stress. Fourth, I have an outline of being a certified trauma focused CBT child therapist. I’m adding adult trauma in this too (I just have to do some research) and lastly I am trying to get better at my paperwork/caseload (it’s never ending!)

PERSONAL: I still struggle to make friends and be able to be social like I would like to be, but it’s been okay for me. I find myself busy at times and depending on the weather I stay in with my dogs which isn’t always good because they need to let out their energy. I did sign up for a 10 k in October which I will start training for next month.  I still have a roommate that helps out paying my loans and will have a second one in July. 

That’s my quick update.

I have books that I want to start reading on and keep decluttering my life gradually. GOALSSSS!!

New me.

I know, I have neglected my personal blog. I thought I would be able to keep up with work and my personal life. I have been busy which I will open up about it when I am ready to write about it.

In the meantime, I would like to thank my new followers. I received an email in my mailbox notifying of new followers. If you’re like me, I want to make sure I am following people that keep up with their blogs. So I don’t want to neglect my personal writing anymore.

“Write in your blog” is written all over my personal planner but I kept postponing it.  Anyways, I have a few minutes to post this update.

It feels good to write my thoughts, be able to come back and reflect on it.

Quick update about my career and personal life:


  •  I have plans to leave the agency after working here for about 22 months (1 yr and 10 months)
  • I am maintaining my licensed master’s degree by doing my continuing credits, renewal is every 2 yrs, so it’s coming up- July 2019 and I have a lot of credits to catch up before leaving. I guess I should be asking questions about transferring credits over to another state*
  • New therapist are hired then quit or like out Medical Director is retiring July 2019
  • Insurance for Medicaid has changed and this is making me stressed out
  • Working on Trauma-Focused CBT certification by the end of this year
  • I started doing CBTp intervention or in other words, be one of the main therapist working with psychosis & families, we call it F.E.P (first episode psychosis)
  • I stopped working at night, so no more on call emergency crisis, no more screening people at jails or hospitals, that lasted about 3 months
  • Continue to keep up with 90 plus clients on my case load


  • As I mentioned will be moving to another state, TEXAS, to be exact
  • I still struggled to make true friends here
  • I am trying to get back into my yoga
  • Will be selling or renting -to own my first house
  • Got my own car
  • Took over 3 female dogs! But will eventually cut back down to one in Sep
  • Will be visiting my mother in Mexico in the fall and meeting up with friends
  • I am running my first 5k THIS SATURDAY!
  • I have a roommate which has helped me pay extra on my graduate loans


Working on my continuing education units….

It feels good to create this list. Have you ever felt lost in your carrer or lost in your present life? 

Perhaps making a list will make you feel in control …  

I’ve felt lost lately, uncertain of my future.  I’m blessed with my accomplishments but I’m feeling burned out. I’m feeling mentally exchusted and physically exhausted.  I love my work but I still feel like there is more than just paperwork ..sitting at computer desk trying to meet a quota. Yes, I’m feeling rigid at work and I want more freedom. 

Back to my list… I made the time and effort to make this list to keep me focused. I’m in the process of keeping a list of credits which I need to keep track of in order to renew my licence. 

And of course I’m working on my clinical licience … 

P.s. 3 months left until the year ends… I’m working hard on getting stable and self-care 

Ocd habit of mine…making lists to feel productive #goaloriented

Crunch time

 Its crunch time until the end of the year. October is almost done and the next two months are always the same exact  holidays. Last year, my holiday was bitter sweet. I never enjoyed the holidays so when my clients tell me they also feel indifferent about holidays and they feel bad about it because everyone else has family to celebrate with or — I reassure them it is OKAY to feel that way.  Holidays can also be a trigger  for some of my clients. I gradually feel it coming with stores selling Halloween, Thankgiving, and Christmas items. At this point in my life time I use holidays to crunch on my goals for the next year. Keep pushing.