Looking back

Looking back almost a year ago….

I recall being stressed out during my winter break, uncertain about my possibilities as social worker in NYC and outside of NYC.

Prior to this thought, rewind to when I was accepted to Columbia in the summer of 2014 — I had tears of joy knowing that I was going to start my dream job. Yes, my dream job as family social worker.  Who knew within a semester into the program my outlook changed from family social worker to mental health social worker.

I started researching potential jobs even before graduating and during my spring semester of my first year; I began narrowing my choices. I wasn’t sure do the clinical track or more research based. I wanted to have both skills in case I ever wanted to a change of career. I don’t regret my choices, without any guidance, I choose research over clinical.

Fast forward to 2017 almost a year later from graduating, I am proud of my work.

I received an email a week about a potential job in the town I currently live; she still remembered me. I am smiling thinking about the hard work I put into applying several jobs and being consistent with the jobs I thought will help me continue to grow.

Replying back to the job position. Definitely gearing this position as another skill to add into my personal career.


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